What is Textivities?

Textivities is an e-learning platform for teachers (and students) of languages and foreign languages. It started as a private project in 2014, and launched publicly in 2017, but several of the activities contained in the site were developed from 2011.

Teachers can create and customize different mini-apps and text activities (textivities) for their students to play and practice:

  • The classic "Fill the gap" activity
  • Conjugation roulette
  • Sort the sentences
  • Sort and complete the sentence
  • Who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-esque grammar game
  • ...and many more

On top of that, they can use their admin console to manage students and the general progress of the class. It is a great tool for language classes.

Our focus is on accessibility and web standards, as we consider that the knowledge and opportunities contained in the Internet should be available for everyone.

We use tools like screen readers, color contrast apps, and other accessibility utilities, to clean any errors and make all our websites and apps accessible. The result? No accessibility error or alerts in HTML. We invite you to notify us if you find any accesibility error or even warnings.

Who is behind the project?

The creators of Textivities are Jill and Alvaro Montoro.

Jill is a Teacher and Educator from Texas. She is the mastermind and brain behind many of the activities available on the site, as well as many others that she uses in her Spanish classes.

Alvaro is a Software Engineer and Educator from Spain. He designed and developed many of the original activities on Textivities, and also develops educational games for iPhone and Android.

Who develops Textivities?

The project is mainly developed by Studio!Kah and Alvaro Montoro.

Studio!Kah is a software development studio originally created in 2011 in New York City, but that later moved to Austin, Texas.

The seed of what was to become Studio!Kah was planted when Alvaro Montoro started developing the URL shortener Kah!me. Later came other projects like the defunct ImprovedIn (to help workers improve their résumé), and many educational mini-apps that now are part of Textivities.